Saving an absurd Broncos effort leading to the greatest comeback in sports since Kobe convinced his wife to stay with him, this Super Bowl has been horrible to watch. So instead of paying attention to the game, Matt and I just made some food.

Notice the horrified look on my face. This photo was snapped right as Peyton tried to grab the first snap of the game. Ya'll know how that turned out.

First up, Matt's pico de gallo. This forms an excellent base to build upon, plus prepares you for the heat to come with the wings.


Dip Master Matt then whipped up a variation on Texas delicacy Mag Mud. I plan on using the leftovers as mortar tomorrow, but it's delicious when it's hot.

Next up, a joint effort–pun intended–to break down and season wings. We roasted them and then tossed them in a sriracha/soy/mustard/Worcestershire combo.


Last but not least, I made some beer-steamed mussels with leek, fennel, garlic and shallots. I have already put the remainder of the broth in a water bottle and intend to drink it straight instead of beer for the remainder of the evening.


To summarize: fuck yeah I'm glad I didn't just order pizza like you bozos.